Best Flowers For Winter!

Generally, we think that flowers do not bloom in winter because it is too cold. That is not the case, however! There are many lovely flowers that thrive in the cold. Not in extreme cold of course, but in areas where winter is on the milder side of cold. These hardy flowers listed below will make a great addition to your winter garden.


Provides vibrant color from late fall through spring in mild-winter climates, and are long lasting in a vase


Pansy + Viola

Cheerful and colourful bloomers that appear all winter long in warm regions. Violas are a miniature version of Pansies, with dainty blossoms and a smaller stature

winter jasmine.jpg

Winter Jasmine

Bright pops of yellow flowers that appear in winter or early spring.

Sweet Alyssum

Fragrant flowers that form mats of color with dainty blooms in shades of purple, white, pink and apricot.

ASPCA / via

ASPCA / via

flowering kale.jpg

Flowering Kale

Can come in shades of green, blue, purple, rose, and cream, making these flowers bold and beautiful!

Flower Meaning / via

Flower Meaning / via


This tall-type plant offer an assortment of jewel-like colors that are so bright they practically pop out of the garden.

Don’t let the colder temperature hold you back from having a colourful and blooming garden. Enjoy these lovely flowers during winter.