14 Best Valentine Gift Ideas for HER

Here is a list of Valentine Gifts that are a combination of thoughtful and lovely for your very special lady.

Melios Jewelry /via  meliosjewelry.com

Melios Jewelry /via meliosjewelry.com

Zodiac Constellation Pendant Necklace

“What’s your sign?” If your significant other has asked you this, she will definitely love a gift that shows you remember her sign.

Costco via/  costco.com

Costco via/ costco.com

HUGE Teddy Bear

Want that “OMG!” reaction? Give her this 93” Teddy Bear, and you will see her face glow up!

Brew+Bloom via/  brewandbloom.ca

Brew+Bloom via/ brewandbloom.ca

Essential Oil Diffuser

A great gift that will enhance not only her space, but her body and mind as well. Essential oil diffusers are known for their aromatherapeutic effects that can lift moods and destress.

Brew+Bloom via/  brewandbloom.ca

Brew+Bloom via/ brewandbloom.ca

Fresh Flowers

It may be cliché, but a beautiful, fresh flower arrangement can melt a woman’s heart. It is still a lovely gift to give.

Mon Amour via/  monamourflowers.com

Mon Amour via/ monamourflowers.com

Preserved Flowers

Now if you want flowers that will be more like a reminder of your ever-lasting love, give her flowers that can last a year! Mon Amour has a diverse collection of these beautiful preserved flower arrangements.

Empress Mimi via/  empressmimilingerie.com

Empress Mimi via/ empressmimilingerie.com

Subscription Service

Gifting your special lady a subscription service will make her appreciate you a little bit more than usual every month when she receives a box of lingerie, a Bloom Jar, or a box of cute socks!

Home Depot via/  homedepot.com

Home Depot via/ homedepot.com

House Plant/Terrarium

A house plant such as a cactus or succulent or a terrarium with these plants makes a great gift because it’s low maintenance, can brighten up her space, and can be a constant reminder of your love for her!

Ebay via/  ebay.com

Ebay via/ ebay.com


She will be impressed if you pick out a scent that she likes, and she will be more inclined to wear this perfume often because you gifted it to her. So pick out a scent that you would like on your lady.

Gift Card to a Spa

It’s very thoughtful to treat you lady to a nice spa for either a facial or a massage on her own time by giving her a gift card. Make sure to check the prices for how much a facial or massage would be so that she doesn’t have to spend any extra out of her own pocket.

At-Home-Spa Kit

OR, bundle items such as bath salts, bubble bars, face masks, chocolate, etc. in a basket and you’ve got a gift she can use to have a spa day in the comfort of her own home

Long Distance Relationship Mugs

If your significant other is in a different province, state, or country, these mugs can help connect you with each other no matter how far.

Amazon via/  amazon.com

Amazon via/ amazon.com


Half Heart Mug Set

But, if distance is not an issue, and you two love-birds live in the same space, these cute mugs will be a constant reminder of how she completes you.

Amazon via/  amazon.com

Amazon via/ amazon.com

The World Book of LOVE

Does she like to bury her nose in a book and read for hours? This book explores the science and psychology of LOVE. It will be a great read for her during the month of love.


There’s no better gift than spending time with your special lady and doing something to show her how much you appreciate and love her, either by taking her out for dinner or making her dinner, doing an errand for her, making her a song, etc. It does not necessarily have to be materialistic, and even though it may seem cheesy, your lady will value and cherish your efforts.