14 Lovely Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Thinking of ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other? We’ve curated 14 lovely date ideas that will reignite that passionate fire you two have for each other.

Men’s Journal via/ mensjournal.com

Men’s Journal via/ mensjournal.com

Romantic Dinner At Home:

Make your own 5 course meal with both of your favourite dishes by cooking dinner together in the comfort of your own house. Make it romantic by setting the table with candles and a fresh flower arrangement as a centrepiece. You can either dress up or keep it comfy. Modify the dinner to both your liking, and it’ll be an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner that can beat any fancy restaurant reservation.

Re-Living Your First Date:

That magical but nerve-wracking day when you two first went on a date. Whether it was at that your neighbourhood starbucks and ordering the same drinks or watching the same movie, this will be a very cute and sentimental way to celebrate the day of love as you two walk down memory lane.

Boozy Picnic at a Park:

A classic romantic date. Go to your favourite park and bring along a basket of food that you both enjoy. Find a hidden spot, lay down your blanket and enjoy your date sipping on some wine or beer paired with your basket full of food.

Chick-flick Marathon:

If you both just want to keep it relaxed, a great way to spend the Valentine’s Day together would be cuddling up, ordering in some food, and maybe a glass of wine or two, while watching romantic movies the whole night.

Watch the Sunset:

Find a romantic spot where you can see the sunset in it’s full beauty, either at a hill that overlooks the city or a restaurant with a nice view. Enjoy each others company as you wait for that magical moment when the sun lights up the sky in beautiful fiery hues as it goes down.

Couples Spa Date:

Pamper yourselves on Valentine’s Day by spending it at a nice spa. Get a facial or a massage together. You’ll both walk out feeling refreshed and beautiful, prepping for whatever plans you two have for the rest of the night.

Road Trip to the Mountains:

A trip to the mountain will make your Valentine’s Day a very scenic and romantic one. Spend it by skiing/snowboarding, or just doing nature trails. You can both enjoy your time together away from the busy city life.

Hiking/Winter Hike Picnic:

If you both like to be out in nature, go for a hike for Valentine’s Day. Make this hike romantic by bringing along some of your favourite snacks (and maybe a bottle of wine) and finding a cute spot to rest and eat. If the weather is not too chilly during winter, go on a winter hike and see how the winter fairies have changed the landscape into a fantastical world. Don’t forget to bring along a thermos of hot coffee or cocoa to keep you two warm!

Date Night with Other Couples:

Organize a huge date night at someone’s place and hang out with other couples! Great option for long-term couples who wants to change it up from celebrating with just the two of you every Valentine’s Day. Play some team games- couple vs couple- or just converse about how much you each love your partner. You can always retire early as well if you both still wanted some alone time.

Fancy Dinner with No Reserves:

A reservation at a fancy restaurant is a common date idea, but for this Valentine’s Day, pick a restaurant you both really have wanted to try. Dress to impress, and order everything you want with no reserves. Don’t think about the bill; create a night where nothing matters but the enjoyment of you and your partner.

Tour a Winery:

Learn new things about wine and how it is made. This also gives you a chance to taste some excellent drinks and get a few bottles to indulge on later in the evening.

Go To An Art Gallery:

There’s something about walking around an art gallery that can make you to feel cultured and can strike up great conversation. You two can even have a small photoshoot sesh, and you’ll walk out with very aesthetic pictures of each other and together as well.

Vox via/ vox.com

Vox via/ vox.com

Cat Cafe:

A very cute way to spend Valentine’s Day. Have a cappuccino and play with adorable cats, talk about future pets (cats), discuss how you two can sneakily kidnap the cute cat your holding from the cafe (but don’t actually go through with it), or even adopt one the day of!

Ice Skating:

A fun activity to get closer to your partner as you both hold hands while you glide on smooth ice. Go skating in the evening at an outdoor rink for a more romantic atmosphere. Bring along a thermos of hot chocolate to warm you to up in between too.

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