2018 Rewind: Brew+Bloom's Year of Beginnings

2018 has been an amazing and experimental year for Brew+Bloom. We first officially launched Brew+Bloom at the Millers Crossing Farmers’ Market in the beginning of June, and grew from there. Since then, we have learned so much, along with creating amazing experiences and friendships.

Our humble beginnings at Millers Crossing Farmers’ Market in June 2018.

Our humble beginnings at Millers Crossing Farmers’ Market in June 2018.



We started our first Farmers’ Markets selling floral arrangements and floral tea. We learned so much this month because we’ve never been vendors before. We became friends with vendors who were as excited as we were to start the summer markets. They were always giving us a helping hand with pitching our tents (which was extremely difficult when it would only be one person at the booth) and even helping us load our things in the car. Veteran vendors would give us the most helpful tips and even share some of their products for us to take home! We were overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the most generous and friendly community in the markets we were part of.


IG photo by Annie Ling (@annie.lingg)

IG photo by Annie Ling (@annie.lingg)

This month was very, very busy. After a month into the market season, we decided to expand our products. We’ve always been passionate about our skin and health, and with our overall love for floral, we decided to incorporate both into products we know we would use everyday and share this with everyone. So we created our own Rose Water Facial Mist and Lip Butter. The response for these products when we launched them was unexpected. We did expect people to be interested, but we didn’t expect people to love them right away. It was so heartwarming when we people who bought our products come back to us and tell us how much they are enjoying them. It made us want to keep improving to make our products even better.

This was the month we hosted our first event which was the High Tea + Floral Crown Workshop. We had a lovely afternoon and meeting wonderful people who loved flowers as much as we do.

We also wanted to make our products accessible to people who could not make it out to the markets often because we were regularly asked us whether we had a storefront. At this point in time, we were a very new company and only sold our products at Farmers’ Markets. As a solution, we decided to open up an online store. This started a new phase for us.


Now that we finished the market season, we wanted to focus on our online store because that would be our main storefront for the winter. We made it a goal to redesign our whole website to give people a better experience when shopping on our site. When we launched our new and improved site, the support was wonderful. Not only are we more satisfied with our online store, our online sales dramatically increased as well. It was well worth for us to put in a lot more time and effort on our site.


A crazy month! Not only were we busy fulfilling orders and deliveries because of the holiday season, but we also launched our Bloominescent oil diffuser line which has easily become one of our favourites.

IMG_1530 2.JPG


Recapping what happened in 2018 lets us see how much we’ve grown exponentially, and we can’t express the gratitude we have for all the amazing people we met along our journey. We already know that 2019 is going to be even more amazing because of all the support and love we have. We want to give this back by producing only the best products and opening our new cafe doors to you this spring! We can’t wait!