• All natural and aromatherapeutic essential oil diffuser

  • Fragrance lasts up to 1 year

  • Color changing sola flowers

  • High quality hand made product that is easy to setup

  • Timeless design, perfect for any room

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About Bloominescents

Bloominescent are a beautiful and aromatherapeutic way to liven up a home or office. Bloominesents releases all natural healthy essential oils by diffusing them through sola plant flowers.

How It’s Made

Each Bloominescent is meticulously crafted one at a time, using the dried peel of a sola plant and then sewn onto a cotton wick. In keeping with Brew + Bloom’s motto of “Naturally, Hand-crafted for you”, sola flowers are made of a natural material and is environmentally friendly. Our oils are 100% natural, using only the highest quality essential oils, so all of our Bloominescents are not only beautiful but they are also aromatheraputic.

How It Works

The perfumed essential oils are absorbed through the cotton wick which then transfers to the petals of the flower. As the oils are absorbed into the flower, petals illuminate to the colour of the oil, where it slowly releases its aromatherapeutic essence into the room. The bouquet will stay fragrant up to one year.

How It Looks

Dimensions: 3.5" L x 2" W x 5.5" H

Size: 40 mL